2017-August-04 Paper: Improved Understanding of Material Behavior using Correlative In-situ Techniques

It was published in the Journal of Microscopy and Microanalysis Volume 23 on the 4th of August 2017.

The paper was written in cooperation between our partner the Montanuniversität Leoben and GETec Microscopy and focuses on further studying the combined electromechanical properties of thin metal films on polymers substrates under mechanical load. For these probes the AFSEMTM was used as it adresses both aspects of behaviour.


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2017-May-17: Paper: A versatile atomic force microscope integrated with a scanning electron microscope

The paper "A versatile atomic force microscope integrated with a scanning electron microscope," by J. Kreith et al. was published online today, 17 May 2017, in Review of Scientific Instruments (Vol.88, Issue 5).


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2017-April: Paper: Cross-platform integration of AFM with SEM

Microscopy and Analysis Cover: Article AFSEM 2017GETec Microscopy has published a new paper via Microscopy and Analysis 31(2): p14-18.

AFMs have recently been integrated with a wide variety of instrumentation and spectroscopies including: Raman spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The challenge in these hybrid solutions is to not compromise on the capability of each individual technique while enabling new characterization methods through an integration that provides an improved, more complete understanding of the sample. read more in the PDF article...

The AFSEM™ from GETec provides a powerful new capability that joins the forces of AFM and SEM. AFM imaging in all the conventional AFM modes is now possible simultaneously under a SEM beam without disruption to either technique. Through its unique design and the use of self-sensing cantilevers, the unit is the first cross-platform AFM that can be integrated into all major commercial SEMs. read more in the PDF article...


2016-09: Paper: Direct-write nanoscale printing of nanogranular tunnelling strain sensors for sub-micrometre cantilevers

GETec Microscopy and its partner company SCL-Sensor.Tech. are highly interested in further development of AFM sensors. First results of such a development were recently published in the well known publisher nature communications. A novel nano-granular material was deposited on a cantilever sensor to make further decrease of cantilever size and therefore higher sensitivity and higher scanning speed possible. more




2016-06: Poster: The AFSEM™

GETec Microscopy presented its in-situ AFM for SEMs called AFSEMTM at the ISPM 2016 in Grindelwald, Switzerland. Many prospective customers visited the booth, had productive talks and got new information about AFSEMTM. download poster as PDF


2014, Sept 9: Poster presentation at the 18th international Microscopy Congress, Prague

At the 18th international microscopy congress in Prague (IMC-2014) GETec Microscopy and its scientific partners MUL and FELMI-ZFE presented the results of the latest scientific application of the AFSEMTM. In this work slip steps structures after nanoindentation of metallic single crystals were investigated and the collective density of dislocations and the formation of spatially complex dislocation structures have been studied with the AFSEM within a SEM. Without the AFSEM it would be very complicated to distinguish between real surface features on the lower nanoscale and coverage layers such as surface contamination via SEM due to the electron beam penetration depth. poster as PDF


2014, Feb 27: Workshop in Düsseldorf

Our cooperation partners at the Montanuniversitaet Leoben presented their latest results in Duesseldorf using our AFSEMTM: A micro-mechanical indentation experiment on a copper single crystal was performed in high vacuum. Slip steps, traces of permanent deformation at the surface of metals, were simultaneously investigated with the AFM and the SEM. The SEM images provide information of the orientation and spatial distribution of the slip steps. GETec’s AFSEM was the proper tool to obtain the quantitative information to describe the deformation of the investigated samples. images

2013: Conference ECI in Portugal - Poster Presentation

J. Kreith et al.: "In-situ AFM and SEM investigation of Cu single crystals during microbending tests"; poster: ECI, Algarve Portugal; 2013; PDF

2012, Nov.: Poster at MRS Fall Meeting

J. Kreith et al.: "Combining AFM and SEM Techniques: An example on the investigation of dislocation processes in small scale plasticity"; Poster: 2012 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, Boston, MA, USA; 25-30.Nov.2012; PDF