2019, December 1-6: MRS Fall Meeting in Boston

Meet GETec at the MRS fall meeting in Boston!


At 4:30 PM on December 3rd Chris Schwalb will be giving a talk on “In-Situ Correlative Analysis of Ion-Beam Treated Nanostructure by Combination of AFM and FIB”. Find the Abstract here!

Furthermore, please feel free to visit us at the booths of Angstrom Scientific and Quantum Design to learn more about our unique in-situ correlative AFM.

Since we would love to show you how AFSEM can benefit your application.

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2019, September 1-5: Microscopy Conference in Berlin

Visit us at the microscopy conference in Berlin, Germany!

At the booth of Quantum Design Europe you can learn more about the AFSEM®. Moreover, we would like to show you how it can benefit your application.


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Jürgen Schlütter becomes new CEO of GETec Microscopy

We are more than happy to announce that Jürgen Schlütter joins GETec Microscopy as our new CEO.

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2019, March: Article in Spectrum Magazine

Spectrum, a specialist journal published by Quantum Design LOT Germany featured AFSEM® in the march issue.

The second article in this series focuses on the use of AFSEM® for high resolution conductivity measurements.

Until now, the limiting factor for this standard AFM measurement modes, has been the larger radius of the specially coated, conductive cantilever tips compared with normal, uncoated tips.

We have taken a new path by using self-sensing and conductive cantilevers which feature a different design.


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Read Article (english version)

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2018, October 10-12: 4th International CISCEM in Saarbrücken, Germany

Meet GETec at the Conference on In-situ and Correlative Electron Microscopy.

On wednesday Chris Schwalb will be giving a talk about interactive correlative in-situ analysis on the nanoscale by combination of AFM and SEM.

Meet us there and let’s discuss your application!

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2018, October 3-5: 26th International Conference on Materials and Technology in Portorož, SI

With AFSEM®, SEM and AFM can be combined to conduct a correlative, in situ analysis of a variety of different materials.

Visit us at our booth to find out how it can benefit your application.



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