We proudly announce that we have joined forces with Quantum Design International.

“By joining forces, Quantum Design and GETec will significantly increase our combined footprint in the nanotechnology space. GETec’s leading Atomic Force Microscopy in SEM technology nicely complements Quantum Design’s strong position in materials property characterization instrumentation and optics,” stated Jerry Daviess, Chief Executive Officer for Quantum Design International.

“We here at GETec are very excited about the new opportunities available to us through this acquisition,” replied Dr. Ernest Fantner, CEO and Managing Director of GETec. “We look forward to working with Quantum Design on future endeavors. Their strong sales and support presence around the world in so many countries will allow our products to reach the scientists who would like to use them for their microscopy research.”

Furthermore, to highlight GETec’s affiliation with Quantum Design International a new logo has been released.

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