AFSEM® — AFM in-situ SEM

Two microscopes are better than one

GETec Microscopy offers innovative Atomic Force Microscopy solutions for seamless integration into existing host systems like Scanning Electron Microscopes. In partnership with our customers, we develop dedicated nano analysis tools based on pre-engineered modules.

AFSEM® is an AFM by GETec Microscopy, designed for integration into an SEM or Dualbeam (SEM/FIB) microscope. It’s open access design allows to simultaneously operate SEM and AFM inside the SEM vacuum chamber. The complimentary image data of AFM and SEM enable unique characterization of your sample.

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Latest News

2019 July, 2-5: 16th Meeting of the French Microscopy Society

GETec will be attending the 16th Meeting of the French Microscopy Society in Poitiers, France. GETec's Pinar Frank will be giving a talk on correlative in-situ analysis by combination of AFM, SEM, and FIB. In addition, it will be the perfect opportunity to learn more about the unique properties of AFSEM.   Find out more...

GETec Microscopy Acquisition by Quantum Design International

We proudly announce that we have joined forces with Quantum Design International. “By joining forces, Quantum Design and GETec will significantly increase our combined footprint in the nanotechnology space. GETec’s leading Atomic Force Microscopy in SEM technology nicely complements Quantum Design’s strong position in materials property characterization instrumentation and optics,” stated Jerry Daviess, Chief Executive Officer for Quantum Design International. [...]

2019 June 18th: AFM in-situ SEM seminar Leatherhead, Surrey

Our partner Quantum Design UK and Ireland is hosting an AFM in-situ SEM seminar in Leatherhead, Surrey. GETec's Ernest Fantner will be present to tell you more about our AFSEM, its unique applications and what it is that makes it stand out from the rest. Furthermore, a live demo will take place, for you to see our product in action [...]



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