2019, April 25th-26th: ASEM workshop in Graz, Austria

Meet GETec at the ASEM workshop.
GETec’s Chris Schwalb will be giving a talk on April 26th at 10am. The presentation wil be focusing on the topic of correlative in-situ analysis by combination of AFM, SEM and FIB.
Furthermore we would be happy to use this opportunity to discuss with you, how such an analysis can benefit your application.

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2019, Feb.: 1st AFSEM® application video

Have you seen our first AFSEM® application video? In it we analyse a specific bone structure, called lacunae, and show you how this experiment benefits from the unique properties of AFSEM®.

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2018, October 10-12: 4th International CISCEM in Saarbrücken, Germany

Meet GETec at the Conference on In-situ and Correlative Electron Microscopy.

On wednesday Chris Schwalb will be giving a talk about interactive correlative in-situ analysis on the nanoscale by combination of AFM and SEM.

Meet us there and let’s discuss your application!

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2018, October 3-5: 26th International Conference on Materials and Technology in Portorož, SI

With AFSEM®, SEM and AFM can be combined to conduct a correlative, in situ analysis of a variety of different materials.

Visit us at our booth to find out how it can benefit your application.



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2018, August 5-9: Microscopy & Microanalysis Meeting in Baltimore

GETec will be presenting various posters, which take a closer look at novel experiments, that can be conducted using the AFSEM®.

Furthermore we will be present at the booth of Quantum Design and would be happy to discuss with you, how AFSEM® can benefit your application.

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2018, July 10-13: 7th FEBIP in Modena, Italy

The 7th International Workshop on Focused Electron Beam-Induced Processing, will be held in Modena
(Italy) from 10 to 13 of July 2018.

GETec is proud to be a gold sponsor at the FEBIP workshop in Modena.

Chris Schwalb will give a presentation on July 11th highlighting the AFSEM benefits for applications in
the field of focused electron beam-induced processing.

Let us meet you at our booth and discuss your application!

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2018, June 19-20: 2nd EuFN Workshop in Grenoble, France

This event is organized by the European FIB network and is expecting participants from all over Europe.
It is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience in the field of Focused Ion Beam.
GETec will be presenting the AFSEM® and the unique benefits it can provide for your FIB system.
Please visit us at our booth and learn more about our product!

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